Why celebrate memorial day

Why celebrate Labor Day – Sacrifices & honors 2022

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Why celebrate Labor Day – Every year, Labor Day gives Americans the opportunity to spend a three-day weekend honoring those who have given their lives in service to their country. You can do this because the holiday is always on a Monday.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act, passed by Congress in 1968, requires a few federal holidays to occur on specific Mondays each year; for example, Presidents Day was moved to the third Monday in February,

while Labor Day was moved to the last Monday in May. According to TIME, Independence Day was also supposed to be moved to a Monday, but the Labor Day date was too significant to be sacrificed for the sake of uniformity.

According to Jennifer Mittelstadt, a history professor at Rutgers University, the legislation was primarily enacted because the government believed that regular three-day weekends for workers across the country would boost the travel industry.

“Travel organizations had been pushing for three-day weekends like this since the 1950s, and they finally got the employee unions on board, as well as the federal employee unions, because there was a fair amount of agreement that it’d be good for business,” Mittelstadt told TIME.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act was enacted in 1971, and we’ve been celebrating Memorial Day on a Monday since then.


Why celebrate Labor Day

Why celebrate memorial day


Labor Day will be observed this year on Monday, May 31—the latest possible date. It will take place on Monday, May 30, 2022, the following year.


By the end of the American Civil War in 1865, every corner of the country had suffered devastating losses, and memorials to fallen soldiers began to spring up in individual communities. General John A.

Logan, who headed a foundation for Union veterans, declared on May 5, 1868, that the entire nation should come together for a day of remembrance on May 30 a date chosen because no battle occurred on that day during the war—and decorate the soldiers’ graves with flowers and other tokens to honors their patriotic sacrifice.

Decoration Day,” as Logan dubbed it, became popular, and by 1890, every northern state had declared it an official holiday. Decoration Day was also observed in the southern states, according to History.com, though the exact date varied by state.

The nature of the celebration is also distinct. Because Labor Day honors soldiers who died while fighting for their country, the holiday has a more solemn tone than Veterans Day, which honors both living and deceased veterans.

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