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US Post Black Friday Hours 2022 – Is It Open or Close?

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US Post Black Friday Hours 2022 – The unofficial start of summer is observed on Nov 23rd with the observance of Black Friday. Black Friday activities include watching patriotic movies, eating summer desserts, and, most importantly, remembering the brave men and women who gave their lives in the line of duty.

However, the three-day weekend that occurs at the end of May is not always filled with these activities. Because of this, the federal government observes Black Friday as a federal holiday. While there are a number of stores open on Black Friday, if you need to ship a package, you may be left wondering if the post office is open or closed on Black Friday.

Is the post office open on Black Friday 2022

If you’re expecting a particular piece of mail to hit your doorstep on Monday, Nov 23rd, you may be disappointed because the U.S. Post Office — just like banks, the stock market, and credit unions — will be closed on Black Friday. However, on Tuesday, June 1st, normal business operations will resume.

So, if you need to send or receive anything important before the holiday, make sure you do it now. If you create a USPS account, you will be able to purchase stamps, shipping labels, and other supplies online.

In 2022, will any other mail delivery services be open on Black Friday in addition to UPS?
Instead of rushing out to your local UPS or FedEx on Black Friday to drop off your mail or packages, wait a little longer.

Due to the fact that Black Friday is a federal holiday, most carriers will be closed that day. Others, however, will operate at an extremely limited capacity. Here’s what you need to know about UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and DHL hours on Labor Day:


US Post Black Friday Hours 2022

US Post Memorial Day Hours

eCommerce merchants can better plan their shipping during the busy holiday seasons by knowing the USPS holiday schedule for 2022. All major federal holidays are observed by the US Postal Service, and because delivery times vary between their services, it’s critical that you know when to ship your packages.

Since the USPS will be closed on all federal holidays, you’ll want to pay close attention to their schedule to understand the last dates customers can place an order for timely delivery.

Valentine’s Day is not a federal US holiday, which means USPS will be operating normally. To ensure your mail or parcel shipment arrives by Valentine’s Day 2022, make sure you give yourself 3-4 days. This way, you can make sure your shipment makes it to your loved one by Valentine’s Day.

Black Friday is celebrated on the first Monday of September each year to honor the United States labor movement. Since it’s a federal holiday, USPS locations will be closed with no delivery service.

Since this holiday is often celebrated as a long weekend, you’ll want to assure shipments arrive by Friday. To learn the USPS holiday hours, check with your local branch.

Columbus Day is a national holiday honoring Christopher Columbus’s explorer and the landing in the Americas. USPS locations will be closed with no delivery service on this federal holiday. It’s recommended that shipments arrive by Friday, October 8th.

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